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Punishment and bondage submission sex

The water beat against my scrotal sac like waves as I thrust back and forth
in her vagina. Francine gyrated in a sultry bump and grind routine, the water
slapping around us. The entire room smelled of our arousal, the scent as pungent
as perfume.
Francine moved her head from side to side, gasps and shrieks constantly
coming from between her lips. As my cock floated in it’s watery coccoon, the
pressure in my dick was increasing. There was no need to fight the feeling any
longer. Nature had taken her course.
Thick wads of semen started their ascent up my pole. Upon contact with her
cunt, my come burned like fire. She let out a wild gasp as her eyes went
slightly glazed and I noticed a deep sense of calm as the last of my juices
entered her.

School girl bondage

The pulsating stream of water spewed inside her, splashing against her
cervix, clitorus, and vagina walls. It felt like millions of tiny fingers were
fondling Francine’s snatch. Francine was moaning with passion! I rotated the
massager in circles, intensifying her pleasure. Her body was one massive
convulsion. In her frenzied movements she kicked off her high heels. It
floated, spike up in the water. I sensed my wife getting closer to her release. I kept the nozzle firmly
against her cunt lips, giving her a final few tormenting blasts of water,
before all hell broke loose. “Mmmmm, mmmmm,” she muttered through the gossamer
gag as she was caught in the turbulent throes of a sense shattering orgasm,
which encompassed her body like a blanket.

Voluptuous blonde dominated

I undressed quickly, exposing my massive cock. Francine’s deep blue eyes
widened when she saw it. Veins stuck out majestically. I began by taking a pair
of pantyhose, binding my wife’s wrists above her head, tying the hosiery to the
towel holder above her. I raised her lithe legs from the water, tying a couple
of nylons around her ankles. Now she was totally helpless, a bathtub prisoner.
Her pussy was half submerged, vaginal lips exposed, lukewarm water splashing
around her pink protrusion.
As I figured ways of going down on her, I spied our shower massager. A
decidedly kinky notion crossed my mind, which would be a surprise for my wife.
I tied a pair of black nylons around her eyes. “Hey, what are you doing?” she
protested. “This isn’t a part of bondage.”

Pretty girl bound and fucked

“Now, put your hands behind your back.” Soon, I heard the
tell-tale click of handcuffs and felt the cold metal against my skin.
“That should keep your hands from getting into trouble. And these
sould keep your from running away.” The next feeling I had was what
felt like handcuffs on my ankles. This confused me. I knew none
of the handcuffs I had would even fit!

“These are leg-cuffs. I bought them from a police supply
house in St. Louis. When you walk, take small steps. There is
only about two feet of chain between them. I don’t want you falling.
I can’t damage my merchandise.”

busty brunette alngel first time bondage sex domination

Rachel Starr is one incredibly sexy brunette girl who wasshy and nervous but willing to test her sexual limits. This busty brunette is bound, gagged and brought down into our underground basement where Mark Davis has his way with her.
firstly he tied her up and let alone in the corner to dominate her will then he crusified her perfect round butt and fucks her in bondage
Helpless in her restraints, she submits to punishment, cock sucking and sex for the first time.
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